I created Harmony Garage a few years ago to help pull myself out of a depressive cycle that spanned 2+ years. I was so uncomfortable in this world, I tried everything I could think of searching for peace. My journey has been interesting, to say the least. Truthfully, the older posts from those dark days are a bit embarrassing. I started to delete them and then decided against it. You cannot know how far you have come if you lose sight of where you have been. The past is not for living in but you cannot forget the lessons learned.

I hope that my writing skills have improved somewhat, although it would make no difference to me. Writing helps me to understand myself better. Delving into what it means to be human has brought passion to my life. I need for everyday to count. I have learned to live without suffering by coming to know myself.

Self-love, self-compassion and self-understanding are EVERYTHING. If my words or thoughts help one of the billion people that inhabit Earth, that would be a bonus win.

Find love for yourself.

Find passion.

Find Peace.

This is my prayer for us.

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