Dark Winters Creed

I am finally giving in to winter, the darkness is setting in. 

Stealing my moments of freedom, forgetting where I’ve been. 

Although I see it coming, I am only baring witness. 

Powerless to the alchemy, questioning my existence. 

Remnants of myself, floating through the space. 

Pointing to what used to be, no longer feeling embraced.

The structure that holds me close, keeps the gloom at bay.

Has collapsed beneath my hopes, inconsiderate of my dismay.

My intention is in the corner, right beside my drive. 

Trudging through each day, scarcely informed of being alive.

I will wake up tomorrow to see what it has in store. 

But if I open my eyes and it’s winter, I’ll roll over and sleep some more. 

Spring is around the corner and brings with it delight, and this is why we anchor and fight the fateful fight.

For the new life and a new beginning is exactly what we need, to right the wrongs imposed by a dark winters creed. 

So hang tight my love and rejoice for the incoming season, and know that for every turn of the Earth there is a reason. 

Winter is for cuddling and and giving in a bit, but keep a close eye on your mental health or it will throw a fit. 

Don’t believe the things you say during winters mess, it is a time for resting we are all just doing our best.

So dream of what will be without losing where you are, for soon we will all be hanging from a summer star.

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