The truth should be the easiest thing in the world. Truth is never wrong, always right. If truth is woven into your moral fabric, life is simpler. Stories have been pointing to this since the beginning of stories. Truth always wins, always prevails. In the end, there will only be the truth. That’s why it really, really sucks when the truth hurts.

I have been a lot of not-so-great things in my life, never a liar. I’m not sure if that is a trait instilled in me by my mother or if it’s buried somewhere deep in my DNA. Whatever the origin, I am grateful. Not only has it kept me from being labeled as someone untrustworthy, but I have also been lead to seek the truth on a deeper level. The older I get, the more the truth pours out.

Life doesn’t occur in a vacuum. All our lives are intertwined, tangled up in each other. Anything that happens in our lives has the potential to affect the lives of the people closest to us. Unfortunately, there is no way to know exactly how your future actions impact others. You can guess, but there is no way to know for certain until the deed is done.

It is not comfortable sitting between the ones you hold most dear and the truth. Sometimes we have to make difficult choices. Sometimes, the truth can hurt.

Humanity grows closer and closer to the truth with every passing moment. That truth is what my soul yearns for. The truth of who we are, our purpose in this life. What this all means.

Secrets damage the integrity of your moral fiber. Secrets cause pain. Those things we don’t speak of are the demons of the real world. Secrets take your soul apart, piece by piece. Unnoticeably.

Transparency is beautiful and pure. I have to shine light into the darkest corners. This is how I choose to live, in the truth. And I am so very sorry if that truth hurts.

Have strong moral fiber.

Be transparent.

Seek your truth.

This is my prayer for us.

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