How Do You See The World Through the Lens of Covid-19?

Today marks the 50th day my family and I have inhabited our home and only OUR home, much like every other person on the planet. I cannot say I know more today than I did fifty days ago, but I can say my perspective has changed quite dramatically. My fears and anxieties have subsided with the aid of a daily yoga practice and meditation. No time in my short history on Earth exists when I have needed these daily practices more. The ability to silence all of the voices and lies my thoughts subject me to on a daily basis emerges as one gift I am most grateful for in these times of ambiguity and unknowing. When able to clear your mind of racing thoughts, you open space for other things, such as curiosity and opportunity. If I allowed myself to sit here and let my thoughts and media consume me, the last fifty days of my life would look very different than it does today. Fear and pessimism would reign high over peace and equanimity.

Our world continues to change and nothing, we as individuals or as a society, can be done to deter it. 2020 marks the end of an era; we cannot lead ourselves to believe our circumstances now is the first time change of this magnitude has occurred. As human beings, we tend to get caught in the mindset that all things happen TO us (not FOR us) and we can get lost in a unidirectional view of the world. Many generations before us have experienced many events worse than being tucked away for days on end. The beginning of World War I and II signified the end of an era for all who experienced life in those days. It directed the end of peace and change was forced upon our world. Although the technologies of those days seem primitive from where we sit today, these wars forced new ways of looking at and solving problems, leading to many technological advancements. The world wars each brought profound metamorphoses for women and their roles in the world. Medical advances pushed forward out of necessity to salvage any life not taken on the battlefield. War is a scary thing, as is a global pandemic, but we don’t have to sit in fear and anxiety. Advantages are born from crises, evolution is occurring- it’s  just a matter of perspective.

I will not choose fear. Instead, I lead with curiosity to see what is being planned for the human race. There is no doubt our world will look very different when we emerge from this craziness. The end of an era means a new one begins and that excites me beyond measure. Check in to see where your perspective lies, is there another way to view what we are collectively going through? Is it possible to be excited by the changes that will occur? Perhaps, not excited, but curious? Humanity is moving forward and it is not going to wait for us. I intend to embrace this new world and to muster up a little excitement about new opportunities brought forward for me and my family. I am choosing my perspective and in doing so, freeing my mind, giving myself space and attention to not miss any moments of potential growth. Change usually slips by unnoticed, we are the blessed ones who get to experience this phenomenon before our very eyes- embrace it!

2020 has proven quite a crazy ride thus far. I know that our new world will be better than the one we left back in 2019. The phoenix will rise from the ashes once again. Change doesn’t occur in a vacuum- we need to come to terms and comply or suffer the damage and complexity of swimming against the current. Your perspective is yours, it can be changed and can have a remarkable outcome on the quality of your life. See the beginning, not just the end- notice the beautifully emerging bird in all of its greatness, not the flames.

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