This Is Why Black Yoga Pants Are the ONLY Choice

I have been in the gym for a couple of years now. I am more fit at forty-one than I was in my twenties and I am super proud of myself. So proud that over the last few weeks, I have slowly migrated from the back of the class to the front and center of class. Right up front so that I can see myself in the mirror. They put mirrors in the rooms of the gym for a reason. And no, it is not so that all of the vain people can admire themselves. It is because when you are mindful and pay attention to what you are doing, you can more easily push through the reps when they get really hard and heavy. Not to mention that if you pay attention to your form, you are less likely to be injured. However, there are drawbacks to being in the very front row. Let’s just say, hypothetically, if you happened to pee on yourself, for instance.

This happened, YES it did!

I have the best gym instructor. She is so great that her classes are the first to fill up. So today, her class was indeed full. I was pushing myself to amp up the intensity for my jump squats and BOOM! There was a surge of urine that escaped my not-always-dependable bladder, right there front and center. I am not talking a little trickle that can easily be concealed by keeping your legs together. I experienced a full pressure stream! I immediately stooped down and grabbed my jacket to tie around my waist. Now, had I worn my usual black yoga pants, this step would not have been necessary. This particular morning, I went to the very bottom of the drawer and, against my own inner wise woman, chose the grey yoga pants. You know, the ones that hide NOTHING. For a millisecond, I was horrified and I thought of fleeing. It only took a moment for my sensical brain to chuckle a little and alert me that everything was OKAY. As far as I know,  little embarrassment hasn’t killed anyone.

A few years back, I committed myself to honesty and being transparent. What I have learned from this commitment in the area of embarrassing situations is that if you are the first person to state an embarrassing moment out loud, the uncomfortable moment is immediately cancelled. It can no longer hold the power of creating embarrassment. After class, I walked straight up to my super-awesome gym instructor who was talking with an older lady. I just blurted out what had happened, thereby rendering embarrassment ineffective for the situation. She smiled and told me of an experience she had recently had that was very similar. The sweet older lady just said “welcome to the club” which I immediately responded “can I forfeit my membership??”. She eloquently told me that no, once you have joined this club, there is no going back. However, she has never wanted to go back because the membership perks just keep getting better and better. I assume that she was referring to the wisdom and peace that comes with getting older. And the fact that the older she gets, the more she can speak her mind without getting in trouble. Now that is a perk I’m looking forward to!

One place that huge problems in our lives arise is when we are unable to laugh at ourselves. I could have allowed that experience to humiliate me. Honestly, I wasnt in the mood to be humiliated, so I turned it into something else. How powerful are we that we have the capability to turn situations into what we want them to be?? We make a choice in every moment of every day. I am going to wrap this up because I just made the choice to send all of my gray yoga pants to Goodwill. Maybe someone with a less joyful bladder can make good use of them.

If we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane. –Robert Frost

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